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Drone Service

Innovation on the Move With Mile High Drone Services

We are committed to offering exceptional drone services to our customers. With a comprehensive range of tailored solutions, our dedicated team harnesses the latest advancements in drone technology to deliver reliable and professional results. Trust us to elevate your projects with efficient and innovative aerial data solutions.



Scroll below to see a full list of the different drone services we offer the entire state of Arizona.

Speedlights in Dusk

Real Estate Photo & Video

Elevate your real estate marketing in Arizona with the stunning aerial shots. Using advanced drones and high-resolution cameras, I specialize in capturing breathtaking images that showcase the unique features, surrounding landscapes, and architectural design of properties.


Thermal Imaging Inspections

Using a drone for thermal imaging inspections provide efficient and non-intrusive assessments, detecting hidden issues like energy inefficiencies for your solar panels and water leaks, leading to improved property maintenance and cost savings. Calling us will allow you to know which solar panels are or are not working.

Search & 

Our drones are indispensable in search and rescue missions, providing swift and effective aerial assistance. Equipped with advanced cameras and thermal imaging, they locate missing persons, pets, livestock and navigate challenging terrains, improving response times and saving lives, persons, and pets.


Carcass Recovery

Our drones are often used in game/carcass recovery, providing aerial thermal imagining to located your down game. Through our state of the art drones the time it takes to find your downed game/carcass is drastically lower. This is ONLY used to located a down carcass, not to aid in the hunt.


If you are heading to a remote location we will utilize our transportation methods to get in those tough to get places. Whether you need our drone services off a dirt road or through a rocky canyon, we can get you there.

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