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Search & Rescue Drone Services

Drone photography enhances search and rescue operations by swiftly covering large areas, locating missing persons, and assessing hazardous terrain. Real-time aerial footage improves situational awareness, leading to more effective and safer rescue efforts, ultimately saving lives.

Aerial Forest Shot

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$150 per 30 minutes of fly time for pet. People are found FREE.



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Search & Rescue 

We will begin the search for your pet or loved one immediately

Search and Rescue Drone Service

Advantages of Using Mile High Drone Service

Drones reduce search times by up to 90% compared to traditional search methods.

Search and rescue operations utilizing drones have a success rate of approximately 86% in locating missing persons. 

Over 900 lives have been saved worldwide through the use of drones in search and rescue missions.

Rescuing a Patient
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